Robin Sharma Daily 5 Technique: 5 AM Club

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Robin Sharma Daily 5 Technique: 5 AM Club


Robin Sharma Daily 5 is the nickname I use for the Life changing method of the famous personal and development guru Robin Sharma. Robin is one of the most prominent influential person in the personal growth world. He has been known with his best-seller book: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I want to share about Robin and his works.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This is the first masterpiece of Robin Sharma. He was introduced to the personal development mastery stage with this book. Actually it is anticipated that he kind of telling his own story at this wonderful book. He wrote the story of a lawyer who is stuck with the modern day dilemma. He earns a lot and he is in a good position. Normally he should be very blissful. Many would envy his situation. However, in course of time, he realizes that actually he is not happy in this shining life. Then his pursuit and journey begins. He meets with his teacher and gets inspired. He transforms his life into a new, fulfilled shape. Please read the book to get more insight, highly recommended!

Robin Sharma Nation

Robin has an online platform where he serves his wisdom and knowledge. In the platform there are various courses. There are Robin Sharma’s classes where he shares his thoughts, insights and wisdom. He has been in the personal growth and development business more than 25 years. He has been considered as one of the top mentors in the world. He shares his knowledge and experience in his platform. There are different courses such as “The 5 Am Club 66 Day Challenge”, “The Circle of Legends”, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Method”, “Your Absolute Best Year Yet”, “The Game Changer’s Blueprint”, etc. In the platform, there are also recordings of Robin’s live events. You can watch Personal Mastery Academy and Titan Summit conferences there. I think these live events are very enlightening. Especially at Titan Summit, Robin hosts many inspiring folks. Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak, Shaquille O’Neil, Isiah Hankel, Former Starbucks CEO Jim Donald, Wildfit founder Eric Edmeades are some of them. I have got inspired by these people. Robin definitely chooses the right group of mentors for the benefit of his community.

The 5 AM Club.

This is my favorite teaching in Robin’s vast offerings! I like simple and effective techniques. Who doesn’t! 🙂 Just like the Pomodoro technique that I have mentioned at my recent blogs. I have told that I could finish my PhD thesis with the help of this time management productivity method.(Click Here to Read) The 5 am or as I nicknamed the Robin Sharma Daily 5 is a wonderful easy (Not at the beginning) and highly effective way of developing your mindset, soul set and health set. OK I know your are impatient, now I am explaining, it is a very straightforward procedure:

Wake up at 5:00 am. Then your marvelous hour starts. This time frame is yours! You own it, everybody is in sleep! You start with an exercise for your health set. That last 20 minutes. You can do interval training, HIIT, push-ups, jumping jacks, burpess. It should be sweaty. The researchers reveal that 20 minutes exercise in the morning is a revolutionary habit for your physical and mental well-being. After that, your have 20 minutes of “reflection” period. You can journal, meditate, pray, or just think. Think about what your are grateful for. Imagine how your are lucky to have your loved ones, promise yourself to embrace them more. Reflect your ideas, dreams, plans in your journal. Finally, at the last 20 minutes, learn! Listen audio books, better is to read a hardcover one. Watch online courses, YouTube videos about personal growth, whatever is good for your.

At the beginning implementation of this method is though as waking up early at the morning is not something we are used to. Robin reflects that according to researches, a habit become persistent after 66 days. Please be consistent and apply the programme. You wouldn’t believe the outcome!

Leader without a Title

One of the most compelling concept of Robin is this notion: being a leader without a title. He explains that we don’t need to have a title to lead people. We have to be a decent, honest person who consider helping others is the ultimate mission. We shouldn’t be greedy, arrogant and full of malignant ego. We have to be generous, compassionate, gentle, receptive, indulgent in order to be a leader. We shall be the person who carries out his or her duties with passion, with love! Robin

touchingly describes that: “When somebody is watching your while working, he or she shall cry to see how your are performing your job enthusiastically”. I think this is a wonderful barometer! These kinds of people can lead and guide others to be a better person. He often refers Mandela as a great leader. He tells about his emotions and observations when he visited Mandela’s prison cell. There is another touching story of Robin that he expresses his conversation with a nice man who is responsible with a restroom in an airport. Robin says that the guy is doing his job in such a good manner that while he is working, an observer would cry! Because he is performing his job in love. He is so dedicated and motivated. Robin reveals that this man is a leader without a title!.

Robin is a great leader to follow

I strongly recommend your to follow Robin Sharma’s works. You can start with reading “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Then your can read “The 5 am Club”. After that your can watch his YouTube videos. Finally, I think your should check his online courses. He has an online platform called “Robin Sharma Nation”. There he has recordings of his Titan Summit, Personal Mastery Academy Conferences. Besides that there are many insightful courses such as “The Circle of Legends”, “The 5 am Club” etc. In there courses your can meet many influential, inspiring authors, leaders, doctors, etc.

2 thoughts on “Robin Sharma Daily 5 Technique: 5 AM Club

  • Hi Tugrul, I like your artice. It offers a compelling overview of Robin Sharma’s impactful “5 AM Club” technique and effectively communicates the simplicity and effectiveness of the routine, combining exercise, reflection, and learning during the early morning hours for holistic self-improvement.The concept of being a “leader without a title” is a powerful takeaway, emphasizing qualities like decency and compassion in leadership. The anecdotes about Nelson Mandela and an airport restroom attendant illustrate this concept beautifully. 

    As a career coach interested in personal development, I’m curious about your ownexperiences with the 5 AM Club routine. How has it positively impacted your life, and are there any additional tips you would share for individuals starting this transformative journey?

    1. Hi Dirk,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment. 

      Yes it definitely benefited from this routine. Before, I couldn’t find time for exercise. After I started to implement this routine, exercise in the morning become a habit which increases my health and wellbeing. Other powerful side of this technique is reflecting. In these silent hours of the Day, it is a very insightful journey to be just silent and think about myself and my life. Also with the help of this method, I can grow myself daily. I read or listen audiobooks which adds up every day. If I didn’t apply this technique, I wouldn’t finish so many books 

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