About Tugrul – Founder

About Tugrul – Founder of Personal Growth Source

About Tugrul – Founder


Hi there

I am Tugrul, founder of the Personal Growth Source website. I am a senior mechanical engineer with PhD Degree. I am studying software engineering and about to finish. I have reached my forties way too quick! I couldn’t realize how time passed. Then one day I have realized that I am not into a life that really satisfies me and make me happy. At that point I have started to read, explore, experience to find the “meaning”. During this process I have been guided and inspired by great mentors, authors, gurus, entrepreneurs! I want to share with you what I have experienced through this journey.

I have lived like a Robot for years!!

When I was at the high school, I had one goal: be an engineer and work in a power plant (like my father). I studied mechanical engineering, and finally got a job in a power plant as I had dreamed of. Then, I worked for almost 20 years in power plants. I had just went to work, and came home. The Ms and PhD studies kept me busy and I didn’t think about my life. However, after I finished PhD, I started to realize that this life and career may not be my passion. That was the milestone that I had entered the magical world of Personal Growth. As a life-long learner I started to read books, watch inspirational leaders, studying courses.

I want to Share what I have been through!

I had been introduced great mentors, books, courses after I was forty! How I wished it would be early! If It occurred when I was around twenty years old, I can’t imagine how the world would be amazing for me!

Any how I think it is never too late, and there is always room for change.

My Goal is to help you to achieve a happy life!

My ultimate goal is to help you, through what I have learned. I want to share my experiences and ideas that I continuously researching.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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