Personal growth make depressed person happy

Personal growth make depressed person happy

Personal growth and development efforts can definitely make a depressed person happy. Depression is a common disease that many people are affected by. It is a severe health concern. Researches reveal that it does not only detriment mental well-being. Gradually physical health is also disrupted because of depression. Depression is treated with medicine or with the help of psychological treatment. On the other hand, personal growth and development can also cure depression effectively.

Depression is a significant concern nowadays

Unfortunately, we are living in a very difficult time. In some essence, we are in the safest time period since we don’t face wars, diseases, femininity, etc. like our ancestors (Unfortunately there are places on earth where poor souls still live under these circumstances. However it is not experienced worldwide as before.) However, we have new difficulties that our predecessors had not to need to overcome. For example, our working environment is probably much more stressful than old days. I am sure they didn’t know a word like “Mobbing” 🙂

Depressed people can lose the joy of life, and feel sad, lonely, and hopeless. They can have a loss of interest in things that they were enjoying. The basic symptoms of depression are

  • Sleeping disorder
  • Loss of interest in most of the activities which had been enjoyable for them.
  • Concentration loss
  • Feeling sadness for a long time
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fallen energy and feeling fatigued
  • Worst of all: thinking about suicide and harming themselves

The Benefits of Personal Growth

Personal growth is the process of improving ourselves. There are many ways for this transformation. Reading books, studying online courses, following a mentor, exercising, having a healthy diet, learning new skills, and planning the future.

Personal growth and development can heal depressed people effectively. Books, mentors, and coaches can guide you through the way that can make you happy and fulfilled. Sometimes people can’t realize that is actually how we are blessed and should be grateful for what we have. Most of us have great people around us which are ready to help us. We just don’t notice them. Please be present and get their offered hand. On the other hand, there are many ways that can make us satisfied and fulfilled. Personal growth sources can guide us on this journey.

How Personal Growth Can Help

Personal growth and development can help you to get through depression. You can find your passion, and your aim in life by following techniques and rules that are presented by self-improvement books, mentors, etc. You can cure and improve your soul set by using meditation and self concinnous techniques that are taught at pieces of training.

You can build your self-confidence by applying self-improvement efforts. You can learn how you should cope with the difficulties of life. You can gain unmatched skills which can provide you to live without relying on anybody.

Improving yourself can cultivate your mental and physical well-being. It can advance your mindset, soul set, health set and heart set. If you can achieve to improve all of them, this will lead you to a better happy future.


Strategies for Personal Growth

I will present you with some tips and strategies to overcome depression with personal growth and development.

  • Set Goals, and plan ahead for your future. While setting your goals, don’t overload yourself. Please draw an achievable program.
  • It is been found out that you are an average of 5 people you are hanging around! This means you should choose the right people around you. Pick a good community that can make you improve! Don’t let desperate individuals pull along you with them.
  • It is a cliche but I have to tell you: Leave your comfort zone!! At least try with small steps. In the beginning, you may not be able to burn the ships but at least you should have baby steps.
  • Schedule your day and spare time for growth! Read books, listen to audiobooks, and watch online courses. Instead of empty time-consuming movies and series, please prefer sources that can improve you.


Depression can make you feel that you will never be happy and successful again. It is NOT True!! There is always hope, please don’t let yourself down and always be hopeful! Please believe me that Personal growth and development can take you out of this situation. There are tonnes of books that can help you. I can also refer to self-improvement platforms such as Mindvalley and Robin Sharma Nation. There are many courses at these places that can definitely help you.

As a last word, of course, these resources would never substitute professional help. If you need professional treatment, please don’t default on that and get your procedure done properly.

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  • I would have liked the third heading, “The Benefits Of Personal Growth” to be the first paragraph of this blog. For me, it starts off a little too depressing.

    I love your message and feel that you could use some coaching in reworking the sentences.
    Maybe use a spelling corrector such as Grammarly.

    Your writing appeals to me because you genuinely appear to be someone who has been through depression and has learned how to overcome it.

    I think that your writing is on the right path: it is informative and compelling.
    It’s a little short, and perhaps you could expand on some of your ideas.
    Make your paragraphs shorter, by separating some of your thoughts and ideas.

    It would be nice if you spruce up the visuals – I love the image of the children… It looks happy!

    Thank you for providing submitting your post for comment.

    Regards, Corinne

    1. Dear Coinne,
      Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I will definitely consider your recommendations. Thank you very much!

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